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Asbestos Surveyors

Future Select have been placing Asbestos Surveyors all over the UK, in the past 5 years in all regions of the UK, Asbestos Surveyors require the p402.

The market was very good for Asbestos Surveyors three to fours yeas ago, with clients offering 32k for some Asbestos Surveyors. The market has become very saturated, and the demand for Asbestos Surveyor has gone down. The market rate has gone to 22-28k, with current conditions paying towards the 22k mark. It is advisable for Asbestos Surveyors to train other area, such as getting the Asbestos Analyst p-certs, p403, and p404, which will enable them to be a little bit more marketable, and increase their salary expectations.

The recent financial crisis has seen further redundancies as employers cut their cloth accordingly. The market over the next 3 months looks like it will get worse before it gets better, and candidates are advised to grab opportunties, and seek further development in other areas of asbestos , as well may training in other Environmental Disciplines.

Candidates again should demonstrate flexible attitudes and have realistic salary expectations, as many Surveyors have been forced to take pay cuts. The next 6 months are going to be tough, with some companies and candidates falling by the wayside. Opportunities remain for those who are pro active and one step ahead of the competition. We would be interested in anyone who has the p402, and 3 months experience.

Please send your updated CV to or call the office 01904 766611

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